Wednesday, 9 March 2011

1960s Melody Guitar
Hey, it's got a triple cutaway design, a bank of pushbutton switches, a pearlescent celluloid finish, four pickups... it's GOT to be 1960s Italian, hasn't it?

And indeed it is. It's a Melody, which for a while, operated as a subsiduary to Eko. For the full story, check this article on the always brilliant Fetish Guitars website. This particular example (pictured above) sold on eBay just recently for what seems like a very fair price of €412.

G L Wilson

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  1. I have the good fortune to buy a Melody 6300 Les Paul with Ibanez humbuckers and I have to say it feel and plays better than any Gibson I have played, its comparable to my PRS on the bridge pickup setting and even the Bridge/Neck setting. It has been severely beaten up with dings, scratches all over but it is built like a brick s***house. The tone is awesome and it just looks damn cool. I would like to find out more about Melody guitars and see if I can get to buy another one or six. I know they are Italian from EKO but thats about it. If anybody has info I'd be obliged.

  2. As a kid I've got this guitar from an uncle. I still have the guitar butt it's missing AL lot of parts. Can I find parts somewhere online?

    Grt, Sjoerd



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