Monday, 13 August 2012

Maton "Alver" 1960s Australian-made semi-acoustic guitar
Here's a vintage Maton semi-acoustic guitar bearing the Alver brandname, currently listed on eBay UK with a Buy It Now price of £499. Although the guitar has quite a lot of wear through use over the years, I'd say that price sounds very reasonable for one of these legendary Australian-made guitars, although I confess that I am not an expert. The machine heads are not original and the pickguard is missing (this is evidenced by enlarged lobe on the treble-side f-hole - no doubt this was to facilitate getting the pots and wiring loom inside the instrument).

G L Wilson

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  1. Looks great. Do these things have a carved solid top? Or just pressed?

  2. A l v e r s were an attempt by Maton to make a lower cost student model. The story goes that they ultimately found it impossible to compromise on quality and so went back just to making Matons.



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