Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"The Handle" (rough) copy guitar on a Dutch auction site

Now here's quite a curious guitar currently listed on a Dutch auction site priced at €250,00. Of course, the holey shape makes much more sense when you realise that the entire design has been copied from the fantastic XOX Audio Tools "The Handle" which is a guitar I have been coveting now for several years. Bear in mind, of course, that the XOX Handle is a cutting edge technologically advanced guitar made from carbon fibre with a hollow tube body, whereas this guitar on the Dutch site is merely a cheap approximation of the same shape made in Taiwan. Oh, and it has Wilkinson pickups too and dolphin inlays on the fingerboard (quite what the relevance is, I do not know). The body finish is unusual, I'm guessing it's supposed to suggest that the body is made from marble but even without seeing this guitar in the flesh I can 99.9% guarantee that it's made entirely from wood. If the body were made from stone, you think the seller might mention it. And can you imagine how heavy such a guitar would be, even with the holes in the body?

Thanks to Eric for bringing this guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

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  1. Put a top and a back on it, and you might end up with a decent chambered-body LP copy...

    1. Yeah, just what the world needs. Another LP copy. (Yawn....)

  2. The title of the auction mentions that it's marble-painted.
    Body material is not specified but wood seems to be a safe guess.



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