Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jansen Victor (Black Swan?) electric guitar from New Zealand circa 1960-61

Here's an email I received earlier today from Steve:
Hi Gavin, I was doing some research on Jansen electric guitars because my Father owns one and saw your post on Jansen Invaders - then I spent too much time reading random interesting posts on other guitars - you have a great blog.

Anyway - I thought this might interest some of your readers:

Dad passed away recently from a rare cancer, and while cleaning out his garage I came across the old Jansen again. I remember stripping the electrics from it for him about 25 years ago so he could have it repainted so I know he's owned it at least that long - of its previous history though, I don't know anything unfortunately.

I found it in the garage in the condition you see it in now - the paint job was a shocker and it is all lifting off again. But it looks to pre-date the Invader series of guitars (My friend has a 12-string Invader which I used to play it when I was younger).

Anyway, I have a lot of his stuff to work through, and I really only play acoustic myself. I'm also not really skilled enough to restore this to the condition it really should be in so I have decided to put it up for sale, and hopefully someone who has the time, patience and skill can do it justice.

Anyway, thanks for a great blog - I'm looking forward to reading more of it


Steve D
New Zealand
Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your photos of your father's Jansen with us. On the Jansen Guitars fan page on FaceBook there are plenty of photos of various Jansens including a Jansen White Swan II from 1961 which looks very much like your guitar. Actually, the name given on the FaceBook fan page is "Jansen White Swan II (Victor)", so maybe Victor is the actual model name and "White Swan" may refer to the the finish on that particular example. They also have photos of a similar guitar in a blue finish (Victor "Blue Swan") with comments that it is from 1960 and is the first of the Jansen range. Perhaps you should get in touch with these guys for some further info. It looks like you may have quite a rare guitar there!

EDIT: Please note that the guitar is no longer for sale. Steve has decided to keep it, restore it and play it in remembrance of his father. I think he's made the right decision. [19 July 2013]

G L Wilson

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