Sunday, 28 July 2013

Can you identify the mysterious Outlook guitar?
Guitarz reader Julian writes:
Ok, so curiosity has gotten the better of me here. For a few days I saw the guitar on the Hotmail login page and wondered what it was but didn't attempt to find out, but now I can no longer hold in that desire. So I was wondering whether you or any of the viewers of the blog might be able identify the guitar (photo attached)?

Many thanks, and keep up the great work on the ever interesting blog!
Thanks for that, Julian. That guitar does look strangely familiar; I have the sneaking suspicion that we may even have featured it on the blog at some point, but short of trawling our entire archives nothing is jogging the old memory, I'm afraid.

Do any of our other readers have any clues as to what this mystery guitar might be?

G L Wilson

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  1. Here is a better picture of the full guitar:

  2. Okay, that was disorienting. G.L. Wilson! know ye not of all the German semi-hollow-bodies of the 1960's to present! Shame on you!

    it's A Hofner Verythin. The body is a give-away, but, admittedly, is obscured by the players boy and the logos. The thinness (if visible would remove all doubt. The Pickups (in their weird staple fated way) are trademark Hofner. All very classy and trademark Hofner. As are the more elegantly sloped cutaways. Looks to be vintage, especially due the pickups and currant Hofner Product lineup.

    Pickup example:

    Verythin example:

    (Both From your OWN SITE) The Dots are a slightly rarer feature, but I've trawled ebay and hofner online resources and have found several models with dots, and not the cooler inlays, so they do exist, but are less.... Something? Up-market? Cool? Not sure, but this guitar screams Hofner.

    Still, Shame on You (I kid).

    1. I rejected Hofner Verithin as a candidate because in the photo the top appears to be flat and not arched.

  3. Looks awfully like a Hofner to me.

  4. Looks a bit Hofner-ish... possibly some kind of weird Verithin equivalent that wasn't sold in the UK?

  5. It's a Hofner 4600, here's a link to the vintage Hofner website;

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