Monday, 9 December 2013

A couple of (probably) Japanese guitars to identify... Any ideas out there?
Hello Gavin! I am Bruno form Valencia (Spain).

I'm a huge fan of your blog, I think that you and the other members are doing a fantastic work. Just wanted to ask you about two guitars which I can't figure the brand or model, first one, I was watching a video of a rather known garage band from Spain, called Doctor Explosion, I recognised the bass as a mustang Fender (I think), but the guitar is completely unknown to me, it kinda looks like a japanese guitar with a Mosrite vibe, but honestly I can't tell, I wonder if you or your mates have ever seen something like this (I find it really cool).
I also wanted to tell you about a guitar I recently bought form ebay, the seller claims it is a 24' scale Teisco, but I can't see no evidence, there is no brand name or serial number on the guitar... I send you a couple of photograph, I don't konw if you can identify the guitar, but if you or any of the blog readers could tell me the year or brand, I would be really grateful.

And that's it, thank you very much!

Hey Bruno, the Doctor Explosion guitar looks like a Mosrite-inspired 1960s-era Japanese guitar, possibly a Tokai Gakki Hummingbird or similar. There were several variants. Mosrite styled guitars were very popular in Japan following the success of instrumental band The Ventures in that country. The bass in the video, by the way, is actually a Fender Musicmaster Bass.

As to your other guitar, I'd say it was 1960s/70s Japanese, possibly Teisco, but also quite possibly another manufacturer. It's not one I personally can identify conclusively; maybe the Guitarz readership will be able to help?

G L Wilson

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  1. It is a Humming bird. Around the 3:00 mark you can see the words Humming bird written on the body. Looks to be a lot like this one :

  2. its a hummingbird but its not japanese cos most japense have serial numbers unlike chinese ones

  3. Yeah, it's a Tokai Hummingbird. Eastwood Guitars made a recent copy.



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