Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wacko Japanesese Fernandes Hisashi Imai Stabilizer Guitar currently listed on eBay

For our final post of 2013 I wanted to share with you something really wacky, so what better than this Fernandes Hisashi Imai Stabilizer SLV model guitar? It's a signature guitar for Hisashi Iman, guitarist of Japanese visual kei innovators Buck Tick, and regular readers may recognise it as a guitar we have shown before on this blog but this time we have much more detailed photos AND if you really really want to, you can BUY this particular guitar as it is currently listed on eBay (at the time of writing).

In my previous post I suggested that the stabilizer bar was probably more for aesthetics than any genuine need for extra stability in the neck. And of course, being a Fernandes this guitar is equipped with a Sustainer in the neck pickup position. In my own opinion, the Fernandes Sustainer is no replacement for an EBow - even if the Sustainer does affect ALL the strings simultaneously (for me, that's part of its downfall) - but perhaps the Sustainer works even better in conjunction with that stabilizer bar. It's interesting to see the rear view photos of the guitar which show that the stabilizer has been mounted with 4 bolts just as if it is a secondary neck. It then seems to be attached to the rear of the headstock by having the machine heads directly mounted through it and into the headstock proper.

This is a guitar that strangely appeals to me. I'd love to play something like this on stage, despite the Floyd Rose trem which ordinarily I find such a pain. I don't think, however, I'd be up for the big hair, make-up and flamboyant costumes of the visual kei movement; with my 50th birthday rapidly approaching I feel I'm getting a bit old for that kind of thing.

Currently listed on eBay with a starting price of $1,580 (item located in Japan).

G L Wilson

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  1. Unless you want to build a very thin neck with very light wood and no truss rod I don't understand the use of a "stabiliser". Sustainer is quite a cool feature once you have learned to use it properly (and switch it off when unwanted). Otherwise this guitar seems to be quite appealing.

    1. Oh, I've had plenty of time to play with a Sustainer and to get to know how to use it. Over the years I've had three separate Fernandes guitars with Sustainers. However, it requires a lot of gain, and I just don't like using that kind of sound all the time. I prefer the EBow, it's a much purer sound.

    2. I agree ; E bow is better and more flexible

  2. This half-heartedly reminds me of the wild trilogy of guitars that Semie Moseley created for The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

  3. I like where the strap button is.



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