Sunday, 12 October 2014

1991 Westone Dan Armstrong Signature Series "Shark" prototype - 1 of 5 made
Here's an intriguing prototype guitar, the result of a collaboration between Dan Armstrong and Westone Guitars. It's a Westone Dan Armstrong Signature Series "Shark" prototype from 1991.

The guitar features a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo, Dan Armstrong Mini humbucker and Dan Armstrong Monster triple-coiled pickups mounted on a body that is somewhere between a Stratocaster and a Mustang in design. For more information please see:, and

Currently listed on eBay with a very reasonable sounding Buy It Now price of US $499.

G L Wilson

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  2. Hello, I have the same guitar and need the wiring diagram or just a picture of the wiring and can't find it anywhere.I would really appreciate if you can hel me at



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