Monday, 20 October 2014

Gibson USA "BECK: Lucille" Modified (allegedly): see if you can make sense of the item description!
This Gibson Les Paul Classic with faux bullet holes in its top is currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of US $2,427 and with free shipping from Japan where the guitar is currently located. I tried finding out some more information about this "customised" guitar, however, the description in the eBay listing left me even more confused:
Among the artists-modify our Les Paul here which is the work of a different color is: "BECK Lucille" modifier! ! I have made based on the Les Paul Gibson Co., Ltd. is a well-established long-established in about said that this unit Lucille, and people do not know is in the guitar brand.

It is one that can be highly recommended for those who are interested in Lucille, it is beginning the guitar now. You can be able to help playing pounding of course, to enjoy enough even if I decorate! !

Clothed in the body the gruesome anecdotes as if to symbolize the one side of the lock, the unit that appeared in the manga BECK is a vivid shine as one of the icons of modern rock guitar, yet the product of a virtual We alone! !

Reproduces closely vivid singe bullet holes and the Lucille and to failure of the escutcheon and pickguard further as if telling the shock, our shop has built up a single realistic.

It is a relic! Version was manufactured based on the Les Paul of good quality 2000s came out of tiger eye this time further

You do up here also only shop.

If you were looking for one to make eye wacky, please consider as soon as possible.

Visit us, we are waiting for your inquiry.
I think it's safe to say that something has been lost in the translation there.

G L Wilson

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  1. I don't understand the description either but I noticed the words "manga BECK" and did a quick Google search. It looks like there is, what we call comic books in the states, a book called BECK and he plays guitar. One of which is a Les Paul shape with bullet holes in it. Here is an example:

    I have no idea what the rest of it means, but I thought this might help it make a bit more sense.

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  3. Apparently it's from a manga/anime about teenagers starting a band. You can google image search beck manga lucille to see more examples.

  4. Perhaps this might help:

  5. Clearly I'm not on the right drugs to buy this... ;-)

  6. I first thought someone had made holes for the controls, to modify it for left-handed playing, then modded it back....

  7. I want to replicate this, where was this posted?!? Who posted it!?! I'm a fan of the show!



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