Saturday, 18 October 2014

Zane King plays the Jackson Steel SlideKing Bass

I believe that this footage is currently going viral in guitar-related blogs and Facebook pages, but unlike a lot of the viral nonsense, it is worth viewing. Although the Jackson Steel SlideKing Bass looks like a slide guitar or a console guitar (seeing as it's on legs), it really falls under the category of pedal steel as it has four pedals to change the pitch of the strings.

The SlideKing Bass retails for $1,995.00 + $250 for a case (apparently they won't ship it without a case, so I don't know why they have separate pricing as if it's an option).

G L Wilson

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  1. That's pretty killer playing from Mr. King. An excellent concept for the instrument, although I probably would have designed it as a six string.

  2. Cool for about 20 seconds, then I imagined trying to participate in some musical way with that barrage, and felt the air leave the room. Horror Vacui!



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