Wednesday, 1 October 2014

New Complexity Harmonic Isolator

A few months ago I presented two guitars by Australian small company New Complexity (the Contra and the Harmonic Master) - they just released their new model: the Harmonic Isolator. As you can see, this is once again not a standard guitar but almost a new instrument that allows harmonics to fully develop for each note played - on its specific scale.

The pickups before and after the bridge (and optional sustainer) have their own outputs and can be amplified and effected independently - you can hear what it sounds like on the video down here.

Isn't it lovely that young luthiers keep electric guitar evolving? I particularly appreciate this one because it will lead inevitably to the invention of a new kind of music (I remember being very sad when I saw a guy playing standard blues on a Teuffel Birdfish on a demo - it is not possible here!)

Bertram D

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  1. I know what you mean, Bertram. When I was checking online for reviews of the Eko Ghost (basically a reissue of the Vox Phantom) I would have imagined it was the perfect guitar for alternative or psyche music - something a bit more adventurous and original - but I just found a video of some guy playing the same old tired clichéd blues licks on it. I mean, just why bother even getting out of bed in the morning if that's the crap you're going to come out with?



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