Sunday, 28 December 2014

Erik's "Third Bridge" Bass VI / Baritone Guitar

Whoah! Who would do something like this to an unsuspecting Jazzmaster body?

Erik explains:
About a year ago you showed my 'plank guitar' on your blog. I have been building some more strange guitars and here are some pictures of the last project. It is a so-called third bridge guitar with baritone neck and Bass VI strings. Those were the only strings I could find with sufficient length. With a circular saw I cut the body in two pieces, add some wood and glued it all together. The extra wood was necessary to get enough length. There's a slight nod in the body to get enough tension on the strings. In the end I have to say: it plays and sound a lot better than I had previously thought!

Greetings, Erik
Groningen, The Netherlands
Thanks Erik! I'm sure the Guitarz readership would love to hear how it sounds. Do you have any sound clips?

G L Wilson

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  1. That's a really original idea!

  2. Too bad there's not a way to lock the strings at the tune-o-matic then install a steinberger type bridge at the end of the body and tune that part separately from the main strings. Would like to hear some sound clips.

  3. "New Complexity" australian guitars have totally resolved this design into a sophisticated high end product. Their attention to detail and level of finish is they have video clips of their designs in action

  4. Well what do you know, I originally made that body. It was my mutt guitar. I originally routed it for two strat-style pickups before enlarging the routs to accept a Humbucker at the bridge and a P-90 at the neck. Originally it was sunburst but I rattlecanned it red and put tags all over before spray paining it gold with a blue burst ring. And finally pulled it apart and sold the body online. I saw it resurface some time later on an auction site and Erik apparently bought it.



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