Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Groovy Guitar

I suppose if you're going to plough the lonely furrow of guitar playing, you might as well plough it with a guitar that's been, you know, ploughed. Apparently the grooves provide increased resonance.

Info from Blueberry: All Blueberry guitars are handmade and hard carved on the Island of Bali. Bali is home to the most gifted woodcarving artists in the world, whose traditions go back for thousands of years. Once our guitars are completed, they are sent to Montreal where tuners are added and final setup, inspections and adjustments are made. Prior to this project there had never been a guitar produced on Bali Island. It took twenty months from the conceptualization of Blueberry guitars in August 2005 until our Master Luthier agreed that our guitars were perfect and had his approval to be sold. Here

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