Sunday, 24 August 2008

Butchered Fender Mustang

Buchered Fender Mustang
I sincerely hope that the buyer of this sorry-looking and carelessly butchered Fender Mustang intends to restore it to its former glory. I mean, just what is the meaning of that badly executed cut-out at the rear of the body? Please tell me that this is going to be patched up and repaired.

Why oh why do people resort to such butchery on something like this which is, after all, a vintage guitar? Such cackhanded DIY efforts should be reserved for the el cheapo guitars coming out of China these days. Having said that, of course, I don't know how long ago that poor Mustang was vandalised. The sticker is for David Bowie's "Tonight" album which was released back in 1984, so this axe abuse could date as far back as then. The Fender Mustang would still have been a desirable guitar, even then, so I really don't understand what was going through the mind of the perpetrator.

I love to hear from the buyer about his plans for this guitar.

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