Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A rustic travel guitar

Brad Fisher of Williamsburg, VA has designed his own acoustic travel guitar, the prototype being up for sale on eBay right now. Looking something like a boat paddle, this guitar's body seems proportionally bigger and hopefully more resonant than that sported by some travel guitars, e.g. the minimalist Martin Backpacker, but its shorter than usual scale length requires a higher tuning. (Unfortuantely he doesn't give us the scale length or tell us what tuning he's used. I wonder if it could use standard tuning if strung with heavier gauge strings?)

The seller tells us that "...the tuners are in the back of the body instead of the head, that way you could stick the neck end in a back-pack or bag without messing up the tuning." I'm not quite sure why this is an advantage, because surely by chucking it in a backpack you could just as easily mess up the tuning at the other end instead? Or is that end supposed to be sticking out of your backback? Also, it wouldn't be a guitar for standing upright as you wouldn't want to stand it on the tuners.

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