Sunday, 1 February 2009

Things that bug me in the guitar listings on eBay

#1: People who can't spell "Squier"

Take a look at this example on eBay right now - a Squier HM Strat with a pretty revolting two-tone magma finish. I mean, the guy has even shown a close-up of the headstock which has a huge Squier logo on it, and still he insists on spelling it "Squire" in the listing.

How can the seller excuse this?

The name is right there spelt correctly on the guitar!

Anyway, it's very easy to remember: SquiER ends in ER just like its parent company FendER.

It's crazy because if you want to search for a Squier on eBay you need so search on both "Squier" and "Squire" because so many people get the spelling wrong.

And no, I don't have any patience with people who make careless mistakes in their eBay listings. It's not guitar related, but only last week I had to sort out a terrible mess when I tried buying a video camera on eBay, and the careless seller had not only copy and pasted the wrong camera details from a much superior model into his listing but he also sent it to the wrong house number in my street. Attention to detail was severely lacking, and we don't need people like this on eBay.

Rant over.

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