Thursday, 16 April 2009

"Kool" Vintage Sardonyx Guitar

This unusual-looking Sardonyx guitar is not only an ultra-rare beastie, each guitar being custom-made, but also comes from the estate of Amir Bayyan, formerly known as Robert Bell or "Kool" of Kool and the Gang.

The only time I remember seeing one of these guitars before it was in the hands of someone quite different - the guitarist of The Plasmatics.

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  1. I knew the maker of the Sardonyx, Jeff Levine, I think was his name. We were in a band together in the 70s that recorded at Electric Ladyland ... Jeff taught me a Reggae rhythm on drumset I still utilize to this day ... if anyone knows where he lives & how to get in touch with him I'd very much appreciate you sending me his contact info or mine to him ... ... ... Mucho Thanks :)



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