Friday, 19 November 2010

Framus Camping guitar
This Framus Camping guitar from 1968 is an acoustic guitar that could only ever have come out of Europe. Its style is quite distinctly different from anything from the American market which more often than not conformed to the law of C.F. Martin. Likewise, Japanese and other Far Eastern-made acoustic guitars were inspired by the American way of doing things.

European makers, however, were happy doing their own thing. This Framus is a perfect example, being a flat-top guitar but with the floating bridge and trapeze tailpiece you'd notmally expect to find on an archtop, and with a parlour-like 12-fret neck on a wider, more rounded body.

This, of course, is all topped off by the simple artwork depicting a scene of tents pitched along a lakeside with mountains in the background. It's very North European, very German! It's a charming little guitar, and one which the seller describes as having a sweet action and an effortless playability.

G L Wilson

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  1. I too have an old sweet sounding Camping. It is red sunburst with black towards the edges. I find it hard to play, however, as it has a flat neck (no radius) unlike any and all other acoustic guitars I have ever seen or played. I always hurt my fingers if I play her for too long.The nail tends to slip away from the skin. I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and never had this problem before.

  2. Why is it that they put the graphic on so that it's actually sideways when the guitar is being played?



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