Friday, 12 November 2010

MOJO magazine ask you to name Dengue Fever's doubleneck

L.A.'s Dengue Fever - described by MOJO as playing "Cambodian party pop from the pre-Khmer Rouge swinging '60s" - are inviting readers to bestow a name upon the unique instrument pictured here. The strange amalgam of Fender Jazzmaster and Chapei Dong Veng (a traditional Cambodian two-stringed guitar) was created by friend of the band Mel Bergman and it now needs a name.

The reader who submits the best name will take home signed vinyl copies of DF's Escape and Venus albums, while a runner-up will win all four of the band's LPs on CD. The band will choose the winners.

Enter here

(Thanks to Mark Bannister for bringing this to my attention).

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