Friday, 5 September 2014

Can anyone help identify this mystery semi-hollowbody guitar?
...Love your blog, I've been reading it daily for many years now!

A friend of mine came up with this great looking, but un-branded hollowbody guitar. He got it from the original owner who bought it in 1962. The tailpiece is not original because it was missing when my friend got the guitar. It has some weird active technology in it, powered by a 9 volt battery. When you push the square white button, it activates a little circuit wich gives you a more trebly sound, controlled by the knob next to it. There are no markings, logo's or serial numbers anywhere on this guitar. We've been to a few luthiers but no-one knows what brand it is... So maybe the Guitarz-crowd can help us out!


Koen van Soelen (Holland)
Any ideas, guys? I readily confess that I haven't got a clue.

G L Wilson

EDIT (8 Sept 2014): Arjen Matthys Ehlers tells us via Facebook that "It's a German GIMA, occasionally they pop up in the Netherlands, most of the times in Zebrano wood, but very recognisable by bodyform, pu, controls and push button."

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  1. I'm gonna say Japanese mad by Teisco. I have seen some of their guitars with pickups like these.

  2. it,s a german guitar voss or gima

  3. its a Gima zebrano 335



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