Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cort AS-1 thin bodied acoustic guitar with red binding and inlay

There is a part of me, one clearly rooted in the 1980s I'm sure, that would love to have this Cort AS-1 acoustic guitar. I did a quick search and found very little information about this guitar other than a few reviews that go from poor to a comparison to a Chet Atkins signature guitar. I would suspect that it was manufactured in the early 1990s even though it screams 1987 to me and that it was likely made in Korea. 

The seller claims that this is a "rarest of the rare" guitar and it may very well be. But sometimes items are rare because they weren't good enough to make a lot of them. That said, the seller also claims that this was a $1400 guitar when purchased new, so it may be an example of higher quality from Cort. There is a huge diversity in the Cort guitars I've played, so I guess it's possible that this is one of the better ones.

Has anyone played one of these?

Currently listed at $299 Canadian.

R.W. Haller

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  1. Looks cool, probably sounds terrible. (Acoustically, anyway.)

  2. Yeah, i feel it's more of a chambered body with a top on it. Likely pretty weak for the bluegrass jam.

  3. Washburn offered a number of guitars in a similar black with orange binding finish in the mid '80s. They also had a range of acoustic solid body guitars of similar construction to this around that time, so this Cort was probably intended to be a Washburn copy.

  4. I have an off white and red one like it and it sounds amazing! I paid five bucks for it at a garage sale and I wouldn't sell it for nothing. This one is the only one similar I've found.

    1. I just found mine at a guitar shop for $50 they couldn't tell me anything about it. But it sounds amazing. Do you have any more info? Al Stiver....i liked the model # matches my name

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  6. Just found one for $50 at a small music shop that didnt have a clue to what it was. It sound amazing



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