Thursday, 10 September 2015

Epsilon prototype

It's been a long time since I last posted on this blog (but the enthusiasm and the quality are still there!) but I didn't lose my time in the last months. You cannot only talk about guitars, you have to play them and in my case, to build them, that's why I have the pleasure and honour to present today my last baby the Epsilon, my humble attempt at combining ergonomics and coolness in a guitar...  

It does look quite cool to me, it's also very confortable seating and standing (it's meant to be played with high neck position) and it plays beautifully (thanks to its Custom Double Track Humbuckers by The Creamery). You can see a demo and have some extra info here.


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  1. Well worth the wait. It looks great. I love the strings through from bridge to machines in a dead straight line. And the black body and headstock. The demo does it proud too.

  2. Congratulations, B! I love your weirdness.

    Love black-finished ash too. How'd you do it? What kind of finish? Did you use filler, or leave the grain open pored?

  3. This is really great design - thought-out, great flow, even the headstock seems to fit somehow despite it's russian-design legacy, haha. Congrats, well done! Are you planning on selling the design or guitars?

  4. I love the look of this guitar, Bertram! Great finish, wholly original and functional body, and a perfect reverse headstock. Looks like a lot of thinking and heart went into this beauty.

  5. thank you all for the nice comments - I will give details about the guitar and the making in a next post on my blog (I didn't do the woodwork and the finish though so I can't give full details). my partner are considering creating a small guitar company but we'd be also happy to collaborate with someone who'd be interested in this design. and yes I love Ural guitars :-)



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