Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Piglet guitar build project, part 9
Finally happy with the brown finish on the rear and sides of the guitar body, it was time to move onto painting the front in a shade of piggy pink. Which meant of course applying a liberal amount of masking tape to the sides (and overlapping onto the rear) so as to keep those areas from getting sprayed pink.

I figured the centre section of the back would be safe from overspray. I daresay some pink paint will bleed into the tape around the top edge of the guitar but I am hoping that I will be able to clean that up later.

Here (above) is the piggy still wet with the first few layers of pink paint applied.

And here it is again, after the first spaying had been allowed to dry for several days, then sanded back to a flat finish, and with the next coat of pink paint applied. It's building up quite a nice finish now, but I expect I'll give it another coat before sanding back to a matt finish and then applying the graphics.

Speaking of the graphics, my plan is to transfer the picture of the cartoon pig from my orignal template to the top of the guitar using carbon paper, and then to make the image permanent using paint pens and possibly also dry rub-off decal paper (for more detailed areas such as the nose, eyes, ears). The above photo shows a piece of scrap wood from the build - you can see where I've already made test drillings in it from earlier on in the build - and which I now have sprayed in the same piggy pink so as to test the set of paint pens that I have. As you can see, some colours work better than others. I have also clear-coated this test piece to ensure that there aren't going to be any issues with paints reacting with one another.

I really do want to crack on with this project now as we'd like to start using it for gigs soon. There's a festival we're playing in August at which we'd really like to have the guitar, so I'm hoping we can finish it within the next month.

G L Wilson

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