Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Wandre Davoli Guitar

For all you lovers of cheesy guitars, there are a couple of examples of what may be the crudest cheesiest guitar ever known - the Wandre Davoli - on eBay right now, here and here.
Wandre DavioliWandre Davioli
How much more basic can an electric guitar be? Hollow body, pickup(s) and electrics surface-mounted on a floating scratchplate, steel rod for a neck with fingerboard attached and a whacking big piece of metal bolted on for a headstock.
Wandre Davioli
Wandre Davioli
Wandre Davioli
Wandre Davioli
To learn some more about these beauties, check out this site and also Fetish Guitars which, although much of the text is in italian, has a gallery of some really freaky-looking Wandre guitars, including what must be some of the first ever upright electric basses.


  1. do you know taht DAVOLI company recreate the original Wandre's pickups ?

    More info: willydavoli@libero.it

  2. do you know that DAVOLI company has REMADE the original WANDRE's pickups

    MORE INFO: willydavoli@libero.it



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