Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Can you help idendify Kurt's bass?

Kurt writes:
I picked this short scale bass at a garage sale in New York and don't know the make. It's got a 2 digit serial number on the bottom of the fingerboard and a round black pad on the back. It looks like a sticker on the headstock was peeled off leaving some residue. I was hoping you might have seen one before and could help me with the history.


Any info would be appreciated.
Well... It's not one that I recognize, although the Mosrite influence is obvious with the bodyshape with the longer lower horn and the carving on the top edges. It could be of European origin, although what with the Mosrite influence my inclination would be that it was Japanese. I may well be very wrong, so please feel free to correct me!

I wonder if the pickups are original. The pickguard looks like it was cut to fit around a much larger pickup in the neck position, or else there is a pickup surround or cover missing. The existing neck pickup is weird - it looks like two single coils staggered alongside one another.

If anyone recognizes the bass, then let us know!

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