Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Kay K45 travel guitar

This Kay-branded travel guitar, the K45 is currently for sale on eBay, and looks to be a pretty clean example. In the USA this guitar was known as the Austin Hatchet. Built in the early 80s, this guitar features a laminated through-neck construction, and has nut, bridge and fingerboard dot inlays all made of brass. The humbucking pickups are "DiMarzio designed" and the controls include a coil tap. The strap is integral to the design and doubles as a carrying strap when the guitar is cased up.

I own one of these guitars, although mine appears to have been very well used (and abused) over the years (not by me, I hasten to add - it was an eBay purchase last year). It also lacks the case. The construction is incredibly solid; the neck is like a baseball bat with a deep V shape in section. However, it needs some work doing to it. The electrics aren't great and it needs a good set-up. One of these days I'm going to get around to sorting it out properly.


  1. Hi I bought one of these Rifle Butt K45's Back in 1981 and still have it albeit very battered after an accident with it years ago but am now getting ready to sort a restoration project. Fundamentally it still works though the electrics and switches need attention. It was a bargain brand new as an end of line in the shop I got it from at £50 back then. In its present condition I could get £150 as VGC seems to be holding at £350 plus

  2. I have one of these K45's with case and in excellent condition, played through a vintage Gallen-Kruger amp this sucker rocks but I am wondering how do you tell the vintage? where do they come from?? what are these things worth???
    Can anybody help out??



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