Saturday, 28 March 2009

Musicvox Spaceranger with P90s

Yes, I know we've looked at a Musicvox Spaceranger on this blog already, but I think the design is so completely bonkers that it withstands looking at again. The eBay auction for the Spaceranger pictured here ends tomorrow night. By all accounts they are very fine players, so for the guitarist who wants something that looks that little bit different, why not go for it? And don't you think the yellow volume and tone knobs make it look even madder?

I still reckon these are destined to become collectors items, the cheesy guitars of the future, so it could well be an investment. In years to come, some company like Eastwood Guitars could well be making replicas of these.

Edit: I'm told that - because of the presence of the P90 pickups - this is a Space Cadet, apparently. However, if you click through to the auction page and check the close-up of the (huge) headstock, then you'll see the name "Spaceranger".

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