Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Look at this... The thieving b*st*rds!

Dear Electric Guitar Shack

Please can you explain what you are doing by stealing content and bandwidth from my blog at

I recently had to upgrade my Photobucket account to a Pro account because apparently the bandwidth on the photographs was being exceeded. I couldn't account for this because the blog was not getting more hits than was usual.

But look at this - another blog using MY content, MY pictures and MY BANDWIDTH!

YOU OWE ME MONEY!!! I had to pay to upgrade my Photobucket account because of your activities. Having lost my job earlier this year, that $39.95 was money I could ill afford to pay.

YOU CAN PAY ME BACK VIA PAYPAL. Please pay $39.95 using my email address

Yours, very annoyed,

G L Wilson

P.S. More thieving b*st*rds at: (although I have been screwing them up by renaming and switching photos).

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