Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vintage & Rare guitar of the week: Pagelli Splash Bass
I don't know how many bassists could get away with playing a bass like this Pagelli Splash Bass because it makes a very visual statement. Maybe someone like Adam Clayton of U2 or Gerry Casale of Devo (although as a left-hander he would have to play it upside-down, which might actually look more correct with this design!).

Pagelli guitars and basses are designed and hand-built by Claudio Pegelli in Switzerland. Pagelli designs are certainly fresh and interesting compared with the mainstream. This Splash Bass is a perfect example of a fully functional bass guitar that is also sculpturally exciting as an art work. Pagelli describes it very succintly:
Simply funky! Body alder, neck maple, pick-ups by Harry Häussel / covers and tunerknobs by Pagelli.
This bass is available from Pagelli via Vintage and Rare, price on application.

G L Wilson

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