Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"The Bum" - a rather cheeky electric guitar from UK luthier Pete Back
Do you really need me to say anything about the guitar pictured here? It's currently being offered for sale on eBay with a starting price of £599 - which is pretty decent for a quality luthier-built one-off guitar. As the seller suggests, it would suit a glam or Spinal Tap-type band (yeah yeah, we know "Big Bottom" ought to be played on a bass).

Check here for more of Pete Back's guitars.

G L Wilson

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  1. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Finally, the perfect companion to the wangcaster!

  2. These guitars which try to emulate the female form which is no doubt close to a guitar shape always remind me of the guitars the band in Dusk till Dawn when the vampire shit kicks off and all of a sudden the guitars are made from body parts. This one at least looks to be very high quality and does have a sense of humour about it. Unlike this:

  3. Yeah, but it's kinda creepy that there is a foot where, logically, the head would be situated on a human...

  4. Um... why is the headstock a foot?

  5. This was sold at an auction on March 16th this year, where it achieved a hammer price of £420 plus 18% buyer's premium, a total of £495 - so the seller's not making very much on a guitar he's barely owned for a month.

  6. That's not a headstock - it's a footstock. Or possibly a headsock...



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