Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sawn-off Squier Strat is John Mayall tribute
I guess that this sawn-off and relic-ed Squier Strat is one of those love it or hate it modifications. Compared with John Mayall's own modified Strats, the body surgery is actually quite conservative. This guitar is currently listed on eBay UK with a Buy It Now price of £295.

G L Wilson

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  1. Nice ... I was going to buy a cheap Xaviere Tele and do something similar.

  2. From seller endorsements:

    "Hi Al.
    I have a 59' Burst Les Paul!!!!!!!!! How you can take a Guitar back 50 years in just a few days is totally beyond comprehension. I sent you an almost brand new LP, and you sent me back what can only be described as "the most amazing piece of relic work I have ever had the pleasure to see, let alone hold" I am absolutely delighted."

    People actually DO that? I must truly be poor. There's so many ways we can pay tribute to the great John Mayall. This just isn't one of them. IMHO As an added enticement the seller will email you a photo of the "Adults Only!" headstock. One sales gimmick per DAY please!

  3. I like the scoop to the left of the bridge... the top is odd, but oh well. Ha ha.

  4. I'm so ashamed. On first glance I read Mayall's name as "John Mayer." Ugh.



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