Monday, 24 August 2015

Rare Carved Shiraki Acoustic made in Japan 1981

I'd never heard of Shiraki Guitars. They were apparently part of the Matsumoku fold in the early 1980s, so you know that it is likely a quality instrument. It also seems that they did some level of collaboration with Alvarez as well.

Though it's really not my taste with the intricate carving and lack of a sound hole ( I wonder if projection through the carved area is any good ), I'd gamble that this cedar top dreadnought from 1981 plays and sounds quite nice. Note the neck joint. Is it glued in, bolted on the inside, or a different kind of joint?

I'm reminded of Blueberry Guitars and wonder if there was some influence from these Japanese rarities.

R.W. Haller

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  1. Hopefully, those would create a realistic sound.

  2. I would like to hope so as well. Though as a repair guy I hope to never get one of these on my bench for internal work.

  3. I have one that looks a lot like this. Same type of carving. I love the sound. Says lone eagle on the headstock and has a German stamp on it and then on the back of the head stamp says hopf. I'd love to share picks.nlet me know.

  4. I have one & have yet to hear a better sounding acoustic guitar. If you're after soft boring sound buy a Martin, this guitar is sharp and exhilarating!

  5. Replies
    1. I have the XW60 model Shiraki, I am the original owner and i purchased it in 1980-81 brand new here in Midland Ontario, its a beautiful guitar and for that reason I only played it a few times and would'nt let anyone else play it, the guitar is still in good shape but it has a small crack in the finish on the neck up by the head stock and a few tinny nicks, nothing major, I think for the right price I would sell it or trade for some other guitsr that I would play if not I will just hold onto this gem and pass it down but it just seems like a waste having it sit there.



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