Friday, 17 June 2011

Bob Mothersbaugh's Les Paul with "droopy" lower horn

The previous blog post reminded me of this - another Gibson guitar with a part of the body sliced off and reversed. The photo shows Bob Mothersbaugh in the video for Devo's "Whip It" with a very peculiar-looking Les Paul.

Bob tells the story of this guitar in this Premier Guitar magazine interview:
With all the technology being dangled in your face when you hit it big, did you ever use a guitar synthesizer?

Back in 1979, I used a device made by 360 Systems. It was a big box that sat next to your amp and required a special pickup. The 360 Systems people recommended I use a Les Paul, and at the time I was horrified—I thought Les Pauls represented arena rock, long hair, and Puka shells. But I got a Les Paul and took a jigsaw to it with the intention of making it look like a skull. I cut the little horn off at the cutaway and flipped it over backwards and thought it looked a lot better. The 360 was a horrible synth and really didn’t sound good. I only used it for one tour.
Read the full interview here.

G L Wilson

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