Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Kala U-Bass solidbodies are available at last

The Kala U-Bass is a diminutive bass with polyurethane strings and the most incredible sound somewhere between a double bass and an electric. It's quite amazing that you can get such bass from an instrument with a scale length of just 20". The first acoustic-electric U-Basses were essentially bass ukuleles using a baritone ukulele body with a wider neck. These new solidbody versions (with an increased 21" scale!) are available in fretted or fretless and four or five string versions.
I think the main thing that might put off bass players is the size of it - or should I say, "lack of size". Some might think they'd look a little silly playing one of these, as if they were playing a toy, but I'd say approach the instrument with an open mind.

G L Wilson

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