Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Swedish surf guitar! The Hagström Futurama Coronado Automatic
Correct me if I'm wrong, Hag fans, but from what I can work out on the net, the above-pictured guitar is a Hagström Futurama Coronado Automatic from 1963. Apparently only 200 of this model were built for Ben Davis, owner of the Selmer company in London, and would have originally retailed (with case) at 77 guineas.

As you can see it takes its shape from the Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar but the controls are very "European". The head too is very Fender-esque, but unlike any Fenders of the period the guitar is of through-neck construction.

This example is currently listed on eBay with a starting price of £600 and just over a day to go before the auction ends (as I type this).

G L Wilson

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  1. Hello, God dag!

    I am writing to ask for some information regarding a 1963 Hagstrom Futurama Coronado Automatic (serial number: 568079) that I have come into possession of. Or rather the remains of this guitar.

    The Guitar has been woefully mistreated over the years. The paint has been very badly sanded off, it is missing 2 of the pickups and all of the switches. It still has the original vibrato/tailpiece, the truss-rod cover and machine heads.

    Originally I was hoping to refurbish this guitar to its original condition. However it seems that it will be incredibly difficult to find all the necessary parts to do this. So I am thinking it might be useful to others to sell the parts to be used for replacement in other Hagstrom guitars.

    I am therefore looking for help finding people who would be interested in these parts – or who can help me source replacement parts to refurbish this guitar.

    Any help or advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your time!



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