Sunday, 4 December 2011

Identifying an electric resonator

Howdy from the Deep South (in America, in case there's any confusion)! Anyway I was watching the Colbert Report (a late night political news show they have here in the US, I think you guys in the UK get it on Comedy Central too) and TV on the Radio was there with a Malian band, Tinariwen, that they're presumably buddies with (I'm not sure what a Malian band is doing on American late night television but whatever). One of the members of TV on the Radio (the guitar player I guess, I'm not a fan of the band so I wouldn't know) was playing something that caught my eye: an electric resonator that looked totally boss. It'd be nice if someone over at Guitarz could identify it.

Hi J, thanks for your email. The clue to the guitar's identity is actually in the photo you supplied. See the little shield on the pickguard, that's the National logo. It's a National electric resonator, although I'm unsure of a specific model name or designation.

G L Wilson

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  1. Its a National Resolectric Electric Resonator Guitar with Kent Armstrong P90 Pickup



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