Monday, 26 December 2011

1964 Joseph Rossmeisl SIR thinline archtop

Here is a wonderful schlaggitare, but not a German one, this one comes from Austria (first Austrian guitar on Guitarz I guess). It was made by Joseph Rossmeisl, not closely related to the Roger Rossmeisl who designed guitars for Rickenbacker and Fender and inspired Mosrite, nor to Roger's father Wenzl Rossmeisl, a famous german luthier who created the Roger brand (is it clear?) Anyway, the Rossmeisl are all originated from Krastice (Graslitz) in Czek Republic - 20 km from Markneukirchen... 

Joseph Rossmeisl relocated his acoustic guitar company in Austria after the WWII and started to release jazz guitars such as this beauty under the SIR brand. I don't think that the pickups are original because I saw the same guitar with different ones and I doubt that at the time one would put two kinds of pickups on one guitar - and these ones look like Teiscos to me. The scratch plate is missing, but you still have the extremely cool control plate with rotary switches (I've already seen similar ones on German guitars, just can't remember which ones right now), trem and unique black diamonds on blonde finish.  

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