Saturday, 3 December 2011

1964 Hopf/Glassl Allround semi-hollow red object of lust

Lately I was thinking: "OK, no more vintage German guitars - people will think that we're just a niche blog or that I'm obsessed or something, and there are so many wonderful guitars all over the world..."  

Then BAM!, I discovered this magnificent Hopf/Glassl Allround that looks perfectly preserved (in better state than I feel myself, actually, though I'm younger!) You're probably familiar now with Hopf's nice schlaggitarrenGustav Glassl was a renowned German luthier who sometimes collaborated in the 1950s/1960s with big companies for high end instruments. 

I love the chromed vintage single coils, the strangely shaped florentine cutaway, of course the one-of-its-kind tremolo, and you couldn't have not noticed its very cool Saturn headstock - a classic Hopf design...

If this guitar was black, I would have to go and rob a bank and buy it! Well I'd have to wait until monday anyway...


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  1. As I found out a few weeks ago by contacting Strohmer Guitars the Strohmers did also some work for Hopf in the 1960ies. I was wondering about that because I found this Strohmer guitar
    very similar to the Hopf Allround.

  2. The Hopf Allround is also very similar to this Astro (August Strohmer) Guitar:
    As I found out by contacting Strohmer Guitar a few weeks ago, the Strohmers did some work for Hopf in the 1960ies.



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