Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The inevitable Hopf Saturn 63

Showing the Hopf dreadnought two days ago reminded how my interest for guitars was expanded from instruments to play music to guitars as cultural objects - combining history, design, technology - because one of the triggers was seeing the famous Hopf Saturn 63, first its Eastwood reissue, then the real thing. 

So far I already had good taste I guess since I owned a Rickenbacker 620 and an Ovation Breadwinner (quite abused by almost 20 years on stage), but they were uneducated choices, and I just got very lucky (and had a good local guitar shop, I'll never thank its owner enough). The Saturn opened my horizon, I discovered vintage guitars and the current vintage cult, alternative designs, I got into guitar making and blogging, and I improved my guitar playing by understanding much better my instruments!

The Saturn also revealed to me the unexpectedly broad field of German vintage guitars, about which I had no cue! And I can give you a little tip, if you want to buy a second hand guitar online, check, it's the biggest market on continental Europe!


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