Friday, 19 August 2011

Celtic Moon - giant balalaika-like triangular acoustic guitar
Someone has rather inexpertly attached an Epiphone neck to a large triangular wooden box - using screws straight through the fingerboard into, I guess, a block inside the corner of the box - to produce this so-called Celtic Moon guitar. The resultant guitar is enormous, as can be seen when pictured next to a Crafter D6 dreadnaught-sized acoustic. The guitar is decorated with a Celtic knot on the reverse and a Green Man on the front with the mouth forming the soundhole. (Incidentally, the Green Man is not a Celtic image, as such, it's more a part of European folklore; however some draw parallels between the Green Man and the Celtic deity Lud a.k.a. Nodens).

Looking for all the world like a giant Russian balalaika (although not as large as the contrabass balalaika), the seller says that this guitar "... has a comfortable low action with no 'buzzing' and has a full and mellow tone, holding its state of tune over an extended period."

Perhaps it might appeal to some folkie types, but I feel that its size may be a bit restrictive, and maybe the seller is being optimistic asking £299 as a Buy It Now price.

G L Wilson

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