Monday, 22 August 2011

Gilmour Choi Hee Sun Signature Telecaster
A little bit of simplicity after all the previous marvels, this Gilmour Choi Hee Sun Signature guitar is what one could call a supertele - it has the basic design of a telecaster but the uncovered humbuckers , simplified controls and Floyd Rose tremolo of a superstrat - plus the reversed headstock that I quite like (I always thought that Fender should give the choice of reverse/non-reverse headstocks on all their models - for the access to the tuners and the look, I prefer reverse).

Gilmour Guitars is a small Korean company, Korea is obviously not only subcontracting for western companies but I don't know Korean original models (correct me if I'm wrong) - unlike what happened in Japan in the 1960s (another brand from Korea making no original models but incredible engraved metal work is Moollon). Choi Hee Sun is supposed to be one of the best rock guitar players in South-Korea.


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