Thursday, 4 August 2011

1973 Jolana Kolor, a Czechoslovakian beauty

Always a fervent (virtual) adept of Jolana guitars (I'm the creator of the Czechoslovakian guitar label you will see under this post, though it was mostly for the pleasure of writing "Czechoslovakian", it's not something you can do often nowadays), I'm happy to show this Jolana Kolor model from the early 1970s.

Though it's not as cool as the Tornado that is kind of perfect, a mere look at its gear makes clear that Jolana was without any doubt the best of cold war east-European electric instrument makers. The trapezoid pickup rings and control plate combine elegance and constructivist simplicity, and the bridge and stoptail are more sophisticated that many found on US or Japanese equivalent models of the time. And of course it has the classy Jolana headstock.


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