Saturday, 13 August 2011

Japanese Mustang wannabe with Competition stripe doesn't quite hit the mark

A lot has been written about the high quality of Japanese guitars and the immaculate attention to detail on copies of famous brands such as Fender and Gibson. We are often told that those giants of the American guitar were so worried about such copy guitars emanating from Japan that they legitimised them,  introducing the Fender Japan and Orville by Gibson brands.

However the guitar pictured here, a half-arsed attempt at a copy of a Fender Mustang with Competition stripe, serves to remind us that the Japanese didn't always get it right and that they produced a fair number of horrors, guitar-wise.

OK, if you squint, or perhaps view the guitar at a great distance, you might be fooled into thinking this was the real deal. All the elements are there but it looks as if somehow in assembly it all went horribly wrong. It looks like a Mustang built by someone from memory alone, with no access to blueprints or plans or even a genuine Mustang (or a photo of the same) for reference.

G L Wilson

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