Tuesday, 30 August 2011

1960s 4-pickup Greco solidbody "surf" guitar - but does anyone know the model?


Amy Osbourne wrote the following on our Facebook page:
Hey all! I own a shop in Indianapolis. I came across your info while researching this Greco that just came in. There is no serial. Would anybody be able to tell me more about it? Anything is helpful! Thanks!
Well, it's very similar to a Greco we looked at before but has four pickups rather than two.

Wikipedia tells us that:
...in the mid/late 1960s, Kanda Shokai produced Greco branded guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs for Avnet/Goya in the USA and these guitars were made by the Teisco and FujiGen guitar factories and were very similar to the late 1960s Ibanez guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs.
I wonder if they also used Framus guitars as a design influence, for this Greco is very reminiscent of the Framus Strato Deluxe, especially with the large metal plate behind the bridge.

Guitars were so much more interesting back in the 1960s, it seems. You had companies all over Europe producing all manner of weird and wonderful designs, and then you had the Japanese copying them so that with some guitars it's very hard to tell which is the original design and just who copied who.

But if anyone does have any further information about Amy's 4-pickup Greco, please chip in under the comments section below this post.

G L Wilson

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  1. I own a cherry red 4 pickup Greco. I'll try to get a picture loaded with info. Greco only made 500-600 of this guitar from 1967-1968. Very few had four pickups. Very rare.



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