Saturday, 27 August 2011

eBay seller thinks that crudely chopping up a Peavey Predator S-type guitar makes it "cool"
I shall quote from the eBay listing for this so-called "stratocaster les paul handmade guitar from a peavey" (please note all spelling and punctuation mistakes, inability to use capital letters, etc, are courtesy of the eBay seller in question):
the ease of a strat without looking a prat,......every strat i have ever had has made me feel like a bit of a prat when i am playing it , like im hank marvin or something what have jimmy page and slash got in common , well appart from being uber cool they play the coolest guitar the les paul.

last week my mum rang me from the charity shop she works at saying that some bloke had broght in a guitar and did i want it , well as im a guitar maker of course i wanted it so my mum bought it for 10 quid and i arranged a courier, when it arrived i was shocked to see a really nice flight case. when i opened it inside it was like a time capsule from the 80's inside was a peavey preditor from the late 80's when they were still hand made in america, a boss ds1 japanese pedal all boxed and as new and a ibanez stereo chorus jap pedal boxed in mint condition as well as a analoge korg tuner 3 good leads and a strap.

the guitar was a bit beat up on the body so i stripped the parts for other projects and then i had a brain wave.....why not try to make a les paul shape out of the strat body so i got out the jigsaw and here we i said the body was a bit gnarly so i decided to try a glitter finish to buff out the knocks so i put on 3 layers of silver glitter and 5 layers of varnish sanding between each to get a really good finish, did my custom headstock with 5 tuning pegs on 1 side and 1 on the other that goes on all my guitars and did a glitter finish and my trademark lightning bolt in red glitter, cut and shaped the scratchplate and voilla , oh the knobs are just some that i stuck on but when you get it it will have standard strat knobs in black that are winging their way here as i type. the action is set low and the intonation is good and it looks a million bucks as im sure you will agree. the glitter finish is just on the front and sides , the back is sprayed silver and a bit gnarly. also i sort of rushed this so the shape it isnt as perfect as i would like (the back is smaller than the front bevause i angled it by 2mm to scallop it to fit the body better) but still pretty wicked . it sounds great through my session amp but i have not really played this because i am a leftie and normally i make one off guitars to order but i think this could be a good seller and as there are zillions of strat shaped guitars going cheap so i might make a few more of these so i cant say its a one off. so if you are looking for something a bit different that will turn heads, play and sound great and is cheap then this guitar could be for you.
Hopefully Guitarz readers can see this for the atrocity it truly is.

Thanks to Jason Summer who spotted this eBay listing.

G L Wilson

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  1. That truly is an atrocious looking guitar. Obviously this person only associates a Strat with Hank Marvin. Most of us think Jimi Hendrix looked cool with his, Rory, Stevie Ray, etc. The only thing as atrocious as the guitar is the description. When people like this say they build guitars all they do is actually chop up okay ones. It's not construction, more destruction.



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