Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cybertech Custom with Sustainer, Midi pad and Death Ray
To me, this Cybertech Custom has more than a hint of Star Wars Stormtroopers about it. I can just see Darth Vader calling out Luke Skywalker for a Guitar Battle to the Death. Considering the technology, the uniqueness of the design, I think the asking price of £1450 is pretty reasonable.
Here's what James says on the eBay listing:
"The Cybertech guitar is a one-off custom guitar made by Hutchinson Guitar Customisation.
 It's designed to look like a futuristic robotic based instrument. Part Mech robot part stormtrooper. Its a blend of complex electronics and brutal power. Featuring an on-board midi controller and sustainer like Muse's frontman Matt Bellamy has on his Manson guitars.

• Arched Les Paul shape Basswood body 

• 22 fret Telecaster maple fretboard and neck with 12th fret circuit board inlay

• Genuine Fender Black nickel hard tail bridge

• Black nickel Gotoh machineheads

• Kent Armstrong Motherbucker Bridge pick-up

• Fernandes Sustainer Humbucker in Neck position.

• Midi pad controller

• Blue LED Push button selector switches

• Push/pull Volume and Tone 

• Kill switch
The Motherbucker can be coil tapped and put into series or parallel wiring. This allows a wide range of tones: 1 single coil, 2 single coils in parallel, 2 humbuckers in parallel, or all four coils in series!
The Midi pad can control midi based devices such as the Kaoss pad, Digitech Whammy or Synth intrument and features a hold button and program selector encoder. While the Sustainer is operated through Jack plug insertion the Midi pad is individually switchable by its own power switch. This is the same for the LED push buttons which can be both lit by a switch on the back. The Antique white paint has been chipped and aged. The 9v batteries are accessed from pull out side draws. Batteries included. Guitar comes complete with hard case."
James shows some in-progress pictures on his site,, so we can see the evolution of the LP shaped body and the Tele neck, firstly into a piece of Swiss cheese and then into the stormtrooper blaster we see here.

David with The Force in Barcelona

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