Friday, 28 June 2013

Sunrise bass by Matsumoku

I couldn't find any information about this beautiful Sunrise bass from the 1980s, but I love it! It combines the typical Matsumoku seriousness and natural finish with a sober but original outline and a light german carve... 

It would look perfect in my grand-mother's dining room - all dark wood - and even better on stage in my hands - it's an extra-long scale bass, just what I need!

Bertram D

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  1. Rather lovely design, with it's slight asymmetry. Looks like it is influenced a bit by Alembic as well.

  2. Pretty sure this isn't Matsumoku. They usually had three piece necks, and no scarf joint. I looked around, and found this thread.

  3. It´s on ebay for sale:

  4. I own a Memphis bass from the same era. It's a pretty little thing. Hippy sandwich body with 5-piece neck-thru-body.. It's neck heavy as they come, which makes it tiring to play standing after a while. But it sounds great. Very rich and creamy sound despite having only a single P-Bass style pickup mounted in the sweet spot. I paid something like $300 for it (new and with custom case) back in 1980-81 or thereabouts. Not exactly cheap for a "no-name" in an era when LPs were running around a grand. But a definite keeper. I only wished I bought it's sibling guitar that was on the rack right next to it. I've since seen a few of them here and there although they were all in pretty bad shape. Mine is still almost like new.

    This one's a keeper. Should I send in a photo of it?



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