Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Link Wray & his Ray Men play "Rawhide" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in this classic video clip


Here's a fantastic clip of Link Wray and his Ray Men playing "Rawhide" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. I love the reactions of the young studio audience when the camera turns on them, especially the girl who quickly whips her glasses off. (Please note, I am unable to embed this particular YouTube video here, so please click on the links).

The guitar that Link is seen playing here is the Danelectro Guitarlin, first produced in 1959 (it would have been new and "modern" when this video clip was filmed). The lyre-shaped body with extra deep cutaways allowed a longer than usual neck to be used on the guitar whilst keeping the instrument at a regular guitar scale length, thus the neck sports 31 frets taking it into mandolin territory when playing high up the neck - hence the name, Guitarlin.

G L Wilson

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