Friday, 28 June 2013

EpicGrip - The Titanium Guitar Pick

It sure looks cool but what are the advantages of a EpicGrip Titanium guitar pick to the modern guitarist? EpicGrips mainman John Wundes spills the beans:
Solid Titanium, super strong, incredibly light-weight, solid grip, durable as hell... This is the pick that rocks as hard as you do. Smooth rounded edges, high-polish, killer grip, insane durability, fantastic price. You won't find ANY titanium pick at this price, much less one with this level of craftsmanship.

Titanium is used in cars, planes, hiking gear, medical implants and spaceships, because it's light as plastic, with the strength of steel! The high strength to weight ratio makes the EpicGrip a great general purpose pick, and when you need to do high speed precision picking, THIS should be the pick you reach for.

Because it doesn't slip, the EpicGrip feels like an extension of your hand. Sound-wise, Titanium picks have a stronger attack if you hold them loosely, and a tighter grip softens the tone. It gives me an extra bit of dynamic range when I'm playing. Some rock guitarists in the 80s used to boil their strings to achieve a custom sound - now you can tweak your sound mid-riff, just by using the EpicGrip pick.
For more information and to get your EpicPick, please see the EpicGrip Kickstarter page.

G L Wilson

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  1. I bet strings wouldn't last too long using this pick.

  2. Cheesy tribal-ish patterns: not just for guitars, apparently.

  3. At last! a super lightweight pick. I do find it quite tiring holding a celluloid one.

  4. Hello this is John from EpicGrip.

    @antony - You wield irony well sir. My point was not that an EpicGrip is lighter than celluliod, but rather you get the strength of steel, for the same weight as plastic. Also, I checked out your shonkyinstruments blog. Nice work on the tenor uke.

    @jake - I originally wanted a banana shaped cut-out, but the focus groups preferred this design.

    @rotter - Excellent question actually. What is the long term effect of using these picks? Clearly any friction produces wear, but the smooth edge rounding of the EpicGrip minimizes that wear. From a materials perspective, titanium is slightly softer than steel, so if anything, the strings will be wearing down the pick, just like a regular pick, only much slower. Subjectively I've been using these on nylon, acoustic steel and super-slinky electric for over 6 months and have not yet seen any negative effect on the picks or to the strings.




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