Saturday, 28 June 2014

1970s Made In Japan Bigsby-equipped Mustang-like three-pickup wonder
I'm afraid I am unable to identify this 1970s Japanese-made electric which seems to be an amalgam of guitar designs from Fender and Gibson with perhaps a little nod to Hagstrom too. The 3-a-side headstock shape is slightly at odd with the almost Mustang-like bodyshape, but somehow it works. The guitar appears to have three humbuckers (but you can't always tell simply by looking with Japanese guitars of this vintage - they could be single coils in disguise) but apparently only a three-way switch, which is weird. The icing on the cake is the Bigsby (or what might be a very close approximation of a Bigsby) vibrato.

Auction on eBay UK ending today in just under 8 hours time at the time of writing with bidding currently at £78.89.

G L Wilson

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  1. Not sure of the model myself either, but two cool things to note, it has a zero fret (uncommon on MIJ instruments) and I'd say a clear Hagstrom II vibe but with a few interesting quirks.

    The Neck reminds me of a guitar my father has (SG Copy) alltho this neck has less binding, but they both have the open book headstock and zero fret. Similar pups too, similar bigsby alltho his has a separate roller between it and the bridge.



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